Typing The Entire Bee Movie But For Every Bee I Change Keyboards

Typing The Entire Bee Movie But For Every Bee I Change Keyboards. I'll be typing the entire Bee movie script, but every time the word "bee" pops up, I'll switch keyboards to something else.

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Many of the keyboards used in no particular order:
The stuff that you can actually buy (affiliate links, of course):
1. Keychron C1: (Amazon)
2. Drop Planck:
3. HHKB: (Amazon)
4. Varmilo VA87M Koi
5. Roccat Vulcan TKL (Amazon)
6. Niz Plum 84
7. Ducky One 2 Mini
10. RK84
11. Keychron K1
12. Keychron K4
13. LTC Nimbleback
16. Elgato Streamdeck
17. Iqunix A80
19. Nutype F1
20. Drop Carina
21. Kbdfans Tofu65
22. Corsair K55
23. Ducky Mecha Mini
24. Topre Realforce
25. Drop ENTR
27. Keychron K6
29. Drop ALT
34. Pictek TKL (except we modded it)
36. Keychron K6
37. KBD75
38. Iqunix A80
40. Epomaker SK71
42. Redragon K552 (but we modded it)
43. Epomaker AK84:
44. Keychron K3:
45. RGBKB Sol 3:
46. Ducky One 2 SF:
47. iQunix F60:
48. Akko 3068:
49. Akko 3084:
50. Eggs:
Gateron Yellows

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